Teal and Purple

In an insane craze of hat-making, I made this guy over winter break. I normally go for neutral colors when choosing yarns, but this magenta-ish yarn really caught my eye. And then a few days later I saw this dress, and what better excuse to buy something? I already had a hat that matched!

I really like the long-sleeved spring/summer dresses that are already starting to appear (like this one). The flared sleeves help to keep you cool, but they don’t show quite as much skin as the typical spaghetti strap dress. It’s a super comfy, breezy look that makes me feel festival-ready.



Commitment issues

January 29, 2012
“Commitment issues” translation:
I don’t love her. She is swallowing me
Consuming my energy to fuel her addiction to
My selflessness-
And I am letting her.
Cramming my days with her messy handwriting she
Hands me letters before fourth period
With a wink,
But she can’t even read my cursive.

January 29, 2014
“Commitment issues” translation:
He lives three cities and 45 songs away and his
Scruffiness feels nice under my palms but
Headboards beating the paint off of
Smokey Hotel room walls
Results in avoided eye contact and
Three hours of home-bound tears.

January 29, 2015
“Commitment issues” translation:
I know how to be used up,
swirled into needles and injected.
I know how to
“look best quiet and naked”
In the green motel lighting.
But He lives one song away and
Always types his letters. He leans back at the hips when
He dances, arms spinning like the strings of the music are bound
To his wrists.
The headaches of
withdrawal settling in around my eyes
(I saw Him two hours ago),
Green eyes wide in search of my next fix
Veins sinking as if in dehydration,
I can’t afford to be unlovable –
I am afraid of becoming the user.

Pocket Sized

My mother loved me so hard
I came into the world splotched in blue
The umbilical cord wrapped around my neck
Like a leash
to keep me inside her.

She yelled “if you can’t see me, I can’t see you”
While I stretched legs tight with childhood
And my eyes weakened as if my
Own senses tethered me to her.

She wrapped thick arms around my
Caving rib cage
Squeezing me down to ensure I was
Never too big for her pocket.

From 758 miles away
I can’t see her
even if I squint.


The umbilical cord may not be
Wound around this blue faced baby anymore but
lord knows I am
A rib cage compressed too tightly to have room for a
Big heart I
Don’t think I’ll ever be

To Brother:

I dangled stubby legs off the edge of the white hospital bed
dug fat fingers angrily into the bleached sheets-
If you hurt mommy to crawl out of her
So eager to explore fluorescence
Why wouldn’t you open your eyes?

I wanted you to walk months before you did.
February, and your head thumped against the marble of our kitchen floor
Tiny domed feet couldn’t support
The weight of the body I set on them
And you cried until Mom yelled at me-
Even at 7 months you understood revenge.

I once wrote poetry about you stealing my mom from the inside out
You took her black hair,
Her size 8 pants,
And her heart.

13 years later your eyes are almost always open
The light beneath your door is on
For my midnight snacks and morning runs
And I just wish you opened that door
To hug mother
A little more often.

Red, White & Blue

It was so warm the day I took this – and, unfortunately, it was the last day before I left Tennessee. It made getting into Wisconsin even harder.

I picked up this skirt for $10 and it’s definitely going to be a main player this summer. It’s so comfortable and has just enough pattern to mix things up. Jazzing up a basic¬†outfit with just one more notable¬†piece helps to keep things interesting, while still keepin’ it classy.