An Ode to the Strength of Perpendicular Lines

(This was written for a creative writing class I took a few years ago. It didn’t come as readily as most of my writing, but I thought I’d share regardless.)

Integrate our comfortable silences
from May to September
left with a summer full of
mathematical symphonies.
Derive our meaning from chapped lips and
a quick up n’ down
take one off our exponents
and make us parametric
because god knows our variables
are codependent.

wisps of wine thin curls
make eternal christmas with my eyes
plotting the points on the curve where the highlights
of our hair and my days are graphed
your maximum reaches a spectacular coordinate
shaded by unattainable youth
because lines travel forever in both directions
quick! from cartesian to polar
because we should be set into circles
and always full of pi.

Inscribing myself shamelessly into your future
cliche faces pasted into a cardioid
a childhood journal soured by numbers.
The tragedy of perpendicular lines
a perfect intersection
for a calculator instant –

forced to face the possibility
that we could be logarithmic
must be separated to be solved.


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