Jazz and Sweet Tea

On the first Wednesday of every month, a cafe downtown in Knoxville hosts a Jazz lunch – basically, you pay $15 and get a delicious lunch catered by the cafe, and an hour of fantastic live music. I’ve only gone to this a handful of times since it began, but it’s always interesting. They feature all different kinds of jazz, the people are always characters, and the food is always good. Admittedly, Knoxville is a pretty cool city, but it’s not a giant city and if you live in a decent sized or especially music-conscious town, I suggest looking into events like this one. It helps to support local musicians and a great local restaurant, and it’s a ton of fun for a family, for a date, or for any avid jazz/food enthusiast.  P1020200 Above- This weeks featured musicians: Frog and Toad’s Dixieland Quartet. Below – The venue, The Square Room, as part of Cafe 4. P1020203 P1020214_2 And, inevitably, a picture of the featured Jazz lunch outfit. I normally stick to shopping at thrift stores (or being crafty – I made this skirt yesterday!), but a few days ago I was wandering around a popular shopping area in Knoxville and stumbled on a Pacsun that was going out of business. I managed to score this cardigan for $10, which was more than 80% off the normal price. I almost never buy new clothing, so this basically makes me feel like a goddess. That might also have to do with the fact that it was windy yesterday and the cardigan was blowing out behind me in true goddess fashion…either way, I definitely got lucky.


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