The Obligatory New Years Resolutions Post

  •  Allow myself to romanticize my life sometimes. I love to love small coffee shops, antique stores, cute book stores, flowy skirts and artfully placed mugs of tea. But I sometimes beat myself up about wanting to be someone who looks like they belong in a Woody Allen movie, because it feels cheesy. Although allowing this to become a central focus in my life would definitely be a bad move, allowing myself to be a romantic on occasion never hurt anyone. Plus, it is an excuse to buy fancy coffee. You can’t argue with that.
  • Keep up with my writing, and this blog. As a pretty creative person, it can be easy for me to be disorganized. My creativity doesn’t always flow out neatly, and sometimes it seems to throw itself out of me in a way that unavoidably makes a huge mess of wherever I happen to be. This blog allows me to channel at least some of my creativity in a way that seems, at least externally, reasonably organized. Organization is good for me.
  • Carry around a camera. Phone cameras are kind of crappy – even the ones that try to be better quality. I have a beautiful camera that takes amazing pictures, but I almost never have it on me, which forces me to try to capture stunning moments with a sub-par iPhone camera. Time to start taking pictures that capture the beauty of the moment.
  • Allow immaturity. Sometimes I prioritize a little too well. I put sleep ahead of poetry and academics ahead of…well, everything. These are, generally, the right priorities – but sometimes I need a break. Allowing for some immature, spontaneous, probably poor decisions every once in a while will definitely lead to a more interesting, memorable 2015.

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