A Brief Summary of Milwaukee

I currently go to school in Madison, Wisconsin, and I spent the majority of my first 18 years in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have been lucky enough to find myself in mid-sized cities, full of friendly people with a good sense of style, surrounded by money and a vibrant music and arts scene. I have been lucky enough to live in a bubble, where people walk slowly and never look like they’re headed anywhere, but are somehow successful. Cities that embrace clean eating, all natural cotton clothing, and juice everything are fun and frequently instagram worthy – but diversity is good, and traveling to or living in other places is important, too.

Last weekend I took a quick, 24-ish hour trip to Milwaukee, WI. I explored the Public Market, the Historic Third Ward, the area surrounding Marquette University, and ended the night in a Comedy Club on Brady Street. It was a fun city – the food was good, the comedy was hilarious, and people were business-like. After years in Knoxville and now Madison, however. the city felt grittier. The people walked quickly, and while they weren’t all in a hurry they were definitely going somewhere. Although I was there only to roam the city and do some much needed wandering, it felt good to be surrounded by working people. People who walk quickly because they have places to be, and success wears different clothes. IMG_8638 A connection with the Milwaukee Harbor – apartments overlooking the water. IMG_8548 Milwaukee can serve up a damn good brunch in the Historic Ward – and Wisconsinites understand the importance of alcohol for every meal. IMG_8544 A lovely looking salad-bar I didn’t get the opportunity to try at the Public Market. A good midwestern city with good people.


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