Life in Neutral

It feels so good to be back in Tennessee. I love Madison and am incredibly glad I get the opportunity to go to school there, but Knoxville feels good.
In honor of my ongoing appreciation of the south after my return, I thought I should bring out as much of a southern vibe as I can muster.

My dad actually got these overalls for me a couple years ago, but I recently unearthed them upon my move back to Tennessee and I have fallen in love with them. Gotta wear them as much as possible while the “cold” front is movin’ through.



My Grandmother is here currently, which is always interesting. She’s a nice lady – white haired, bespectacled, and still just a little sassy. I took her downtown today to give her a winding and somewhat poorly planned tour. I will always take any excuse to show people around this little city.

The tour involved popping in and out of small, locally owned shops, grabbing coffee at one of my favorite downtown cafes, Coffee and Chocolate (pictured below), and walking through a small park that has been recently filled with sculptures. At one point my Grandmother said that it had been years since she had been to shops with this much originality – I like to think that Knoxville has a lot of character.

Side note: today I bought a couple things for the summer full of concerts/music festivals/travel that I have planned, and I didn’t think I could be more excited – but apparently I can. Sun hats and cute backpacks, I’m coming for you.



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