Graduation Day

Well, kind of.

My brother’s graduation was today…from 8th grade. I’m happy for the kid, but the school made an absurdly big deal out of an 8th grade graduation. The completion of 8th grade is mandatory by law, so while it is a nice event to celebrate, I wouldn’t necessarily say making it through middle school to be an accomplishment.

This idea is somewhat similar to one that my Dad, a philosophy professor with an endless supply of theories, has been stuck on recently. It’s the concept of our generation as a “care bear” generation: we need to be coddled all the way into adulthood. We are shielded from each other by the internet and social media, we are tricked into believing that everything in life can have a trigger warning. It’s been a frequent theme in our household – both through valid intellectual discussion as well as my Dad randomly screaming “YOU’RE ALL JUST CARE BEARS.” (Life at home is never boring.) There are always criticisms of the next generation – lazy, entitled, violent, technology-addicted – there’s always something. I typically don’t dismiss my Dad’s criticisms as quickly as I might blow off the ramblings off a grumpy old dude, and I think that though the nickname “Care Bear generation” might be a little harsh, his criticism merits further thought.

Anyway, back to graduation. This dress was one of several that I bought for all of the “end of senior year” shenanigans last May, so I thought it only fitting to continue its tradition as a graduation dress.

FullSizeRender-10 FullSizeRender-9 FullSizeRender-8


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