Farmer’s Market

Saturday morning is the Farmer’s Market in downtown Knoxville. The Farmers Market here in Knoxville started in 2004, but didn’t get a whole lot of attention until the last couple years. Now, the downtown Square and surrounding streets is full of heaping piles of lettuce, fresh local meats, and crafts – and, of course, booth – to – booth people.

There’s a Farmers Market in Madison when I’m at school, but they are always Saturday mornings and I am typically asleep. During the summer at home, there’s no excuse for not getting downtown and looking around on Saturday mornings. I’m trying to learn how to cook a little bit this summer, and the Farmers Market definitely makes me more excited to buy good ingredients and try out new recipes.


Who knew there were so many varieties of lettuce?



This cheery little old man was playing the saw on the square while we were there. Despite living in the south, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone play the saw before. It kinda sounds like weird, screechy singing? But it’s kind of pretty, and definitely unusual.


This picture was taken in front of a little local bookstore downtown. That’s one nice thing about the Farmers Market being in such a central location – it increases the business for the shops around downtown and brings people out for a Saturday lunch at the restaurants on the square, as well. Every where was super busy.


Checkin’ out local honey!


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