Ruby Slippers

Thursday, I drove 14 hours. Stopped once for lunch, twice for coffee. I’ve never driven that far in one day before, and with the help of multiple coffees, it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it might have been. We left Knoxville with the sunrise on our heels. We pulled in to Junction City, Kansas with the sunset spreading over the plains.

 I lived in Kansas for my first two years of existence – so needless to say I have no memories of that time. But my Mom grew up here, my grandparents, cousin, and uncle all live here, and I have come back at least once a year for as long as I can remember. So, even though the South is really my place, Kansas has always been special to me.

Since I spent Sunday-Wednesday at a cabin in the mountains in North Carolina, I thought showing the transition of the country from mountains to plains might be fun.  

This is the Laurel River – I love the clarity of mountain streams, and the coolness. Even in the most intense southern summers, the water always feels good.

Yes, I’m obsessed with little coffee shops. I know. This one, just outside of Hot Springs, NC, was too little not to love. (Side note: the Appalachian trail runs straight down the Main Street of Hot Springs. I walked (about 200 feet of) the Appalachian Trail!)

Here’s my goofball cousin and I on a hike on the Konza Praire. Being around kids has been making my maternal instinct go a little crazy lately. I have always loved kids, but loving them and wanting them are two very different things – the latter of which I am definitely not near being ready to do. I’m working on a post about kids in my head- be prepared for that coming up. It may be a little depressing. On the upside look at how goofy my cousins face is.

Final thing: in Manhattan, Kansas. I stumbled across yet another cool coffee shop. This one presented me with the first coffee bean roaster I had ever seen. I’m normally not terribly interested in machinery, but anything that helps provide me with coffee is something I have a vested interest in. Next time someone says there’s nothing cool in Kansas, I’m going to whip out this picture. Hopefully they like coffee as much as I do.



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