Everyone makes plans. We are a society of planners, schedulers, goal-setters. Making plans and then making them happen are different beasts, however, and sometimes we all fall short on that last one.

Looking back on the past few years, however, none of my plans have fallen through. Sure, day to day hangouts and to-do lists aren’t always accomplished, but the big stuff- it has all happened. Close to exactly how I initially decided to do it. That just blows my mind. Initially, the thought that popped into my head was, “wow, I’m so lucky to have a life where I can just plan almost anything I want to do and then have the means to make it happen.”

Some of that is definitely luck. But after thinking further, a big part of it isn’t. It’s being a do-er. It’s deciding in a moment that you’re going to do something, and then doing it regardless of the obstacle. Cheesy? A little. But it has become cliche for a reason. Being a do-er has given me incredible opportunities, including having an unbelievably fun summer – being a do-er doesn’t have to be limited to a career or academics.

And now I’m deciding something else. And by writing it down on the internet, I feel as if it makes it official. My poetry grows from roots of experience – both good and bad. I do live a privileged life, and there really isn’t any way to alter that (not that I’d want to). But I do want to have certain experiences, one of which is being a true traveler, a nomad, which is not something I’d ever be forced into given my background. I don’t know when it’s going to happen (I don’t like to over-plan), but sometime in the next year or two, I need to spend a month investigating people I’ve never seen in places I’ve never been, walking into people’s lives and then walking out again with their stories.

I’ve always let myself make the argument that my writing just comes when it comes, and I usually don’t make myself write. Writing is definitely an art, but like any art there is no improvement without practice.

Tomorrow, I leave on a two week road trip with my best friend. When I planned it, I viewed it as bonding time and a good excuse to roam the North East with a tried-and-true travel buddy. But now, with new plans on the horizon, I want to look at it more as a test run.

Poetry – prepare to be done.


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