A New Take on an Old Favorite

Last weekend, I went to Asheville to explore the new incarnation of a beloved festival: LEAF – Lake Eden Arts Festival. LEAF is typically held twice a year on the shores of Lake Eden, but this August the wonderful people who plan the festival decided to put on an additional gathering in downtown Asheville, NC.
LEAF is typically full of free-spirited travelers, young families, and older couples decked out in full tye-dye. It’s an interesting bunch, but it’s the most welcoming, friendly, and engaging environment I know.

This new, downtown LEAF, brought some of those familiar vibes, but was definitely more diverse. The area’s urban setting brought a fair number of people who wouldn’t have wanted to “rough it” out by the lake, but were happy to enjoy a day of music in the city.

Although it didn’t completely capture the usual LEAF vibe, it was a ton of fun. Visiting with friends from Asheville, dancing in the soft mountain heat, and getting fantastic food from brightly colored food trucks all made the day incredibly memorable.

First, what I wore. I’m especially proud of the crochet bralette – I made it earlier in the summer and it has become a staple for outdoor festivals/concerts.


This green space in the middle of the city gave me little snippets of cool architecture visible from between the trees. Also, I seriously want that guy’s hat. He’s rockin’ it.


Finally, a shot of the main stage and a wonderful crowd of people, with the sun illuminating the buildings in the background.


This was my last festival of a summer of music – and a great send off. With downtown LEAF in the rearview, it’s time to gear up for the start of the semester in the beginning of September.
(Am I allowed to get excited for next summer, yet?)


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