the need to apologize for this body
how parts piece together disproportionately
how one headlight is always on
break lights don’t flash unless pumped
for the dented drivers side door
scratch chipped paint stretches across
statelines, trunk packed too tight to
click the lid, hard time getting up hills.

I seem a misunderstanding
dimpled thighs different than dimpled cheeks
folds over ribcage where bones meant to rise
under skin pulled tight
cupping the rise of each hip, pinnacles
of pelvis ‘neath stomach only flat
lying down. How he says you feel good,
a tug at my loose thread, stitching unstitching
apologies for louder footsteps, softer body,
tongues unraveling me at the seams.


One thought on “Body

  1. David Reidy says:


    David A. Reidy, J.D., Ph.D. Professor, Philosophy Adjunct Professor, Political Science Distinguished Humanities Professor, College of Arts and Sciences University of Tennessee


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