Google Poem

It’s about protecting Texans.

It’s about protecting our children.
It’s about compassion and security.
These are the dangerous Syrian refugees you have heard about.

Dear Mr. President, we want little to do
with the crescent and star, this ignorance –
American opinion – a pointless disaster
fleeing wise casualties, civilian casualties,
140 killed yesterday in Syria but 14 in #Sanbernardino
militants allied, armed with a list of 100,000

Paris casualties, toxic byproduct
hydrogen hydrogen cyanide monoxide
lunacy, crazy, insane, suspension of intellect
wisdom of the crowd:
terrorist killer wife, Muslim Mom,
sorry excuses for men.

The threat is living in tolerance & fear
the threat is homegrown terrorism
(the juicier kind)
but can we trust the news when the reporter’s
name is Ahmed?

Aylan Kurdi Mahmoud Hamameh
Sary Hratch Mirvet Merani
you are less likely to be hired with an ethnic name
gassed to death, death by gas
crouch down and lick the hands that feed you.


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