Yesterday I convinced my best friend to tag along with me on a little jaunt to Atlanta. Atlanta is only about 3 hours from Knoxville, and it’s not a bad drive with enough music and someone to talk to.

Atlanta is a weird place – it’s a mix of real-city feel with skyscrapers and too much traffic combined with grungy little side neighborhoods that always seem to feel a little sketchy. It’s a fun place to spend an afternoon or two.

First, a quick poem that came to mind yesterday:

Hydroplaning for half-seconds,
car wheels kicking up clouds down I-75
headed north away from the
gritty appeal of this southern city

silver skyscrapers over the starving
kid rubs poverty over his cheekbones,
donning over-priced kicks, scrubbed clean. 


Both of these pictures were taken in the Little Five Points Neighborhood. Little Five Points is a fun place to hang out it – tons of awesome shopping if you’re into thrifting/digging through old clothes, weird stores, interesting people, a couple cool places to eat. Plus, this wall of boots at the Clothing Warehouse – not the healthiest thing for someone who is as obsessed with boots as I am.




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