New Year, Old Mountains

I celebrated the New Year differently this year than I have in the past. The past three years I went to a concert on NYE, and danced my way into the New Year. Granted, there’s not much better than a night of music and dancing, but I think this year a change of pace was in order.
On NYE itself, I didn’t do much. Spent time with my family, ordered my favorite pizza, etc. For about a half second, I had the thought that maybe I should accept one of the offers to go to a friend’s house or go out, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I was honestly spending NYE exactly how I wanted to. I can never spend enough time with my family, and when it comes down to it – I’m an introvert. Often, whether its NYE or not, I don’t really feel like going out. And that’s alright.

Today, New Years Day, I got my Mom to go out on a hike with me. It’s about an hour to the mountains, which goes quickly with someone to talk to. We spent the afternoon doing my favorite hike – it’s not too challenging, and goes right along a beautiful mountain river. In the summer, it has some great swimming holes, but it was just as beautiful today. Plus, with very few people out and about and nobody in the river, the water was perfectly clear.


My Mom and I spend a decent amount of time together when I’m at home, but taking a full day to go up in the mountains doesn’t usually happen. It was the perfect way to spend the beginning of the new year. I got to breathe some clean air, empty out my head a little, and hang out with one of my best friends. Setting a pretty good standard for this year.


Our lunch spot – my family usually hunts out the best flat rock in the river as our lunch-eating-rock.


The past week or so has been very rainy, making the river high and fast. I’ve done a decent amount of white water rafting, but this made me want to do some white water kayaking! Maybe once it warms up a little.


My Mom and I are pretty bad at selfies, so I consider the above picture to be quite the victory.

Happy New Year!




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