Bill and Melinda

My grandma calls bill gates and his wife by their first names, arranging their successes around her neck in place of her own. Bill and Melinda have a property down that way. Bill and Melinda do so much for those less fortunate. 

She lives alone in a condo overlooking well kept green, the inside of her home sterilized by inherited money, 6 grown children and one dead husband.

Her body fills up too little of her home and still she says it is too small for her. Memories and new information slide off her skin like soap, and she packs the space- beneath the stairs, inside the pot of her wilted fir – full of the bits she does remember.

she tries to find the place she put the name of her 3rd boy, and it takes two minutes to find it penned on a post it note, stuck to the cheek of her kitchen cabinet. She locates her order at in-n-out burger beneath a pile of blouses, the tags still attached.

She never finds the breed of her brothers dog, hidden inside an empty pharmacy bottle, but she remembers Bill and Melinda, you know, they have the same kind. 


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