The drive from San Francisco to Salt Lake City was an interesting one. It took 3 days, although I did a lot of meandering along the way.

As I said in my previous post, leaving San Francisco was kind of sad. But knowing there are other places to see makes it a little less depressing. From San Francisco, I headed to Lake Tahoe, making a couple stops along the way. First, I stopped in Davis, CA. Davis was a cute little town – it actually felt more Midwestern than west-coast o me, but it felt homey and familiar, even though I have never been before. The people also seemed friendlier than most places.

next stop was Sacramento. I walked around the Old Sacramento area, which felt very old-west to me. It definitely felt a little touristy also, but the architecture and the feeling that a cowboy might gallop past at any second made it worth it.

From Sacramento, I went pretty much straight to South Tahoe from there. The drive itself was beautiful, and Tahoe didn’t disappoint.  It’s not the ocean, but it definitely rivaled Big Sur. I spent the afternoon doing some light hiking, attempting to swim and then freezing in Lake Tahoe, and climbing around on/around a waterfall.


Lake Tahoe.


You just can’t beat that view.


For someone who is terrified of heights, this was a big accomplishment


The waterfall was too tall/big to get the whole thing in the picture. 

I was intending to camp in Tahoe, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I felt weirdly anxious and a little restless, so I just decided to do part of the drive to Salt Lake that night. During the drive, I passed through Reno. Even though it was midnight, i decided to stop and poke around a little. I did a little bit of walking around the Downtown area, but after a somewhat scary experience being followed, I decided to get outta there. The city itself was just a weird feeling place. I have a short little poem I will share about it in a separate post.

The next day (yesterday) I did some exploring around Nevada. I drove up to Black Rock Desert and did some cruising. It was a beautiful area- unbelievably empty. I saw crickets the size of my hand, two cows, many small rodents, a group of what appeared to be wild horses, an antelope, and zero people during my ~5 hours in the area. I have never experienced that level of emptiness before, which was cool.


Lonely cow.


The “road,” and this was one of the most well-cared for areas


I had dinner in Elko, Nevada before finding a place to sleep about 2 hours out of Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, today I woke up with a completely flat tire. Despite my car doing really well with yesterday’s off roading experience, my tires were not quite so lucky. Luckily, there was a gas station with a mechanic/tires close by, so I got it sorted out relatively easily, all things considered. I drove my car like it was s baby all the way to Salt Lake City, but everything seems to be in order.

I stopped outside of SLC to check out the Bonneville Salt Flats.  They were unbelievably flat. And white. it was so flat and white and hot that it almost made your eyes not quite see things correctly, especially things in the distance.



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