a poem a day keeps writer’s block at bay

…Or something like that. My poetry writing has never been very structured – typically I just write when I am struck with an idea or think of a line I like. Unfortunately, for the second semester in a row, I am unable to take a poetry workshop due to scheduling issues. I really miss taking poetry classes, and not being in a workshop definitely means I end up producing less writing.

(I will be in a fiction workshop this semester, so perhaps I’ll put some of my fiction up on here if any of it ends up being not-terrible.)

Anyway, I want to try and do a poem a day for the remaining days in January, and then potentially after that if I find that writing a little every day is beneficial. I’m going to post the poem on here every day in order to keep myself honest. Already wrote the Day 1 poem! 1 down, ~2 weeks to go.


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