(Day 4): A Rap for Chance the Rapper

I decided to do something a little bit different, and a little more goofy, for Day 4 of my “write every day” challenge. I’ve been listening to a lot of Chance the Rapper lately and I love the way his lyrics sound – he has such a good ear for it, which is obviously crucial for rap. So, I thought I’d try and write a little mini rap/spoken word thing that really focuses on sounds/rhythm for Chance the Rapper today. 

taking a chance on the change up
poet trying her hand, not much luck
at playing parrot, a bad imitation
of the rapper’s smooth articulation –
the soft soothe glitter and groove
hard hitter home run sounds
spilling from Mr. Chance’s mouth

thank god for pencil on paper, finger on keys
keeps my voice in my throat and
my hands off my knees,
not much into this rap scene with its rattatat rhythms
full of weak verses, I’m just too hard to please –
gotta have both the beats and the wisdom.

Its 18 degrees with the moonroof open
windows cracked, broken, spilling
cheap beer, smelly smoke and
teenage emotion. 2016 subaru
white girl, stars in her ears, all wheels,
says I’ll pick up the bill, get it,
i’ve got the tab, tab, tabs under tongue
tucked in the cheek so momma won’t see it –
this might be what they mean
when they say its good to be young.

(Arguable the goofiest thing I’ve ever written. That was fun.) 


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