(Day 17): Rewrite a fairy tale

Quick preface: A while ago I mentioned that I was going to be a fiction class, instead of in a poetry class this semester. Well, I quickly realized poetry is where it’s at, and I had to do whatever amount of schedule rearranging necessary in order to get into a poetry workshop. So I’m in a poetry workshop. This was written today (the day before it is due…oops) for my poetry class. This week’s prompt was to, in some way, rewrite or add onto a fairy tale. I chose to do a “realistic” rewrite of sleeping beauty. Sorry, it’s a little gross.

Only sleep for the beautiful

two weeks asleep and the skin
has begun to part on leg-backs like
little toothless mouths leaking
onto satin sheets.

three months asleep and now made of mouths:
gummy oozing things that suck the sheets
close, as if for warmth.

six months asleep and thigh muscles begin
to dissolve like sugar, hot and sticky
mattress stains, shades of scarlet.

two years ‘neath gossamer garments,
dress draped barren over bones-
the heart only has to forget once or twice.
body dark like an oil spill.