roll a joint in the crease
of grandma’s birthday card.
glue down paper edge with spit thick
as summer honey.

air the color of orange flesh.
put on pretty underwear, lay on top
of the sheets until
the flies discover you.


(Old poem) / Write More?

I found a very rambling version of this poem while reading through my journal from February/March-ish. I think I never really edited it and put it up because I ended up stealing from it for a bunch of different poems – there were several parts that I like, which I ended up recycling into other things. So I never put up the original. But when I found it today I thought I might as well!

Also – I have been not great at writing poetry for the past few months. I just haven’t been focusing on it as much as I want to be. I was thinking of starting up the “poem every day” thing again – especially since I’m going to be a camp counselor for two weeks starting Saturday, which should give me plenty of observational material to work with, if nothing else.

*ahem* okay, here’s the poem:

he moved in beneath my eyelids 8 days ago –
i could have picked any part of me to use for this metaphor.
his residency beneath my fingernails (a weak
explanation for the lack of chewing – I am growing
him room to set up his bed frame),
a nest in the pocket of my cheek (count his parts
like watermelon seeds, taste him before i wake up).

i could explain the terms of tenancy – see the lease
in the bones of my back.
i could have said he inhabits the hourglass between breasts,
how he hesitates to touch me but doesn’t wait
to make a home out of a woman.

when do you ask an overstayed guest
to start paying rent?

(Day 3)

Preface: I fell asleep last night without writing my Day 3 poem, then proceeded to wake up at 2 am freaking out because I realized I hadn’t written it. So, delirious with sleep and definitely not in my most poetic moment, I wrote my poem then. 

Tuesday night crime shows
used to settle with one death
per episode.

episodes shorten, death count rises-
shock has a way of snatching
at shortening attention spans.

three deaths per episode. five. one
for every borough of the City.
producers explain –
they are just trying to keep up
with the 6 o’clock news.