(Day 7): Saturday night alone at the diner

the spoons are too wide for my mouth.
i dissolve forkfuls of peanut butter cheesecake
into over creamed coffee.
the girl beside me at the counter asks what book
i am reading, apologizes for being nosey.
read: apologizes for pitying me.

i come here to remember how to walk
in high heels. how to bunch up tights at the ankle
to prevent blisters. the difference between hazelnut
and french vanilla. that an internet article
told me people who drink coffee
are more afraid of dying.


Spring in Madison

When the spring-heavy clouds
hover their soggy bodies over this city,
the men who live on the length
of State Street flock to the coffeeshop across
from the mediterranean cafe to swap
cups of congealed coffee infused
with rainwater and flash their chip-tooth
no-toothed smiles.