Busy with Summer

It has been quite a while that I have posted anything. Last time I wrote, I was sitting on my Grandma’s couch in Junction City, Kansas. Since then I’ve been back to Tennessee, then up to Wisconsin, and now back down to Tennessee (and I am leaving for North Carolina for two weeks, tomorrow). As a result, I haven’t had all that much time to write, either on here or inside my journal.

Even with the ongoing feeling of being constantly in motion this summer, the past two weeks or so have been great. In Wisconsin, I was able to go to two nights of Dead and Company at Alpine Valley. I hadn’t seen Dead and Co before, but they really were excellent. As someone who has listened to a fair amount of Dead for my age, I had some things I really liked about John Mayer as lead guitar and some things I wasn’t as fond of. Regardless, they were great shows. I had a ton of fun being surrounded by people who made me feel comfortable, eye-balling everyone’s outfits, and dancing my butt off. It felt good. Also in Wisconsin, I was able to go sailing for the second time. I love being out on the water – the hot sun, Wisconsin-cool lakeĀ – time disappears.


Madison from the sailboat.


Alpine Valley!

Since I have been home, I have been doing typical “Knoxville” things. In July, there is a wildlife/park where there are just fields and fields of blooming sunflowers. I spent some time there, goofing around in between the rows, taking silly pictures with my best friend. I ran around downtown, looking around all the little shops and having lunch with my Dad. Knoxville still really feels like home.


Little baby bee!


Bestfriend lookin’ good.


downtown ramblin’




These are two Little snippets of writing from the past few days – clearly unfinished, just wanting to put everything out there.

The two of them walked into the Dairy Queen I was treating as a cafe – curled with a book in a booth – it’s the closest thing to a cafe in Rapid City, South Dakota. Their skin coated in tattoo, the kind that seem to be ripped pages from poorly done comic books glued to their arms. Their bodies bounced strangely, as if they have too much electricity in them to limit their movements to the horizontal. The man had a large bleeding spot behind his ear, and as he ordered some oversized blizzard he dug his fingernails into it, trying to reach inside his skull-


The rain hung from the clouds like loose threads- the sky itself unraveling Beneath the weight of the water-